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Personal Statement

Stephen Stuntz’s value system emphasizes the vital importance of people. He feels strongly that respect for people will, in the long run, pay the greatest dividends.

He and his wife have raised a family of 5 children, an experience which has added to and reinforced his philosophy and approach applied to business. In the competitive business world, balance is critical. Most employees want to do their best and respond well to practical support, recognition and respect.

Employees are responsible for their performance and can and should be held accountable for achieving agreed-upon goals. At the same time, management must uphold its responsibility to produce results that are in the best interest of the company.

After growing up in Latin America as the son of a newspaper correspondent, Stuntz went to high school in New York and attended MIT, receiving an SB in electrical engineering. Recognizing that business was his real love, he went on to the Harvard Business School where he was one of the few students who specified manufacturing as a career goal.

His multiple skills in the areas of problem solving, technical knowledge, and people management have been an asset to his enterprises.


MBA Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration (1969)

SB in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1967)

References Available on Request


Stephen C. Stuntz

Stephen C. Stuntz offers high-level technical expertise, strong people management skills, and an ability to integrate a variety of approaches for successful business management.

His primary technical and management experience in energy and cost efficient housing has many applications to manufacturing management challenges in other areas. One of his strengths is an ability to facilitate interaction among people and to promote the exchange of ideas and approaches throughout an industry.

In addition to his management abilities, he has experience in developing and maintaining computer/accounting software and implementing an approach to business coaching.




Stuntz has provided expertise for several long-term consulting projects, using both his technical skills and personal coaching. Examples of these projects include the following.

  1. Management of the design, production, manufacture and delivery of roof systems for a commercial builder, utilizing new processes and techniques that made the roof cheaper and easier to install.
  2. Management of the construction of an Energy Star rental housing project in Falmouth, MA. This involved sourcing the modules, negotiating with all the contractors and subcontractors, getting the final certificate of occupancy for the units, and managing follow-up maintenance.
  3. Development of streamlined accounting processes for a family-owned business going through transition as it sold a major division to fund the buy-out of the majority of the family members and provided considerable accounting help with the complex issues associated with the sell off and buy out
    Coaching the CE/owner of the family-owned company on business practices for after the buy-out and consulting on building a green modular classroom business.
  4. On-going maintenance of Medicaid billing and accounting software developed in the 1990s for a large service provider company that is responsible for a substantial amount of Medicare billing

1995-2005   Founder and CEO, Greentech Housing Company, Worchester, MA

Greentech Housing Company was a startup manufacturing venture to build energy efficient, high quality, affordable housing modules in the inner city, using a co-production model that incorporated local contractors.

The concept was to provide high quality housing at a better price while training inner city residents. Production started in mid-2003. Although the concept was sound, the fact that Greentech would have had to become a general contractor as well as supplier of housing modules, proved to be an insurmountable task.

1995-2003   Co-founder, The Hickory Consortium

The Hickory Group was formed to bring together multifunctional expertise from many facets of the modular housing industry and to conduct studies on behalf of the Department of Energy to improve modular housing industry practices.

1995-present   Principal, Acorn Business Coaching

Acorn Business Coaching is a consulting practice working with individual executives who wish to improve their particular business skills. It revolves around periodic calls to encourage, monitor and support changes in business practices.

It has included not only business coaching but also personal coaching to help with life balance and focus. The later includes a Medical School Department Chairman at a major academic institution.

1979-1995   President, Acorn Structures, Inc., Acton, MA

Acorn was the supplier of choice for customers who wanted a high quality manufactured house with emphasis on contemporary design, energy efficiency and cost predictability of the finished product.

From 1979 to 1995 it grew from $2.5 million to a peak of $16 million with shipments representing 250 homes per year. Acorn Structures was sold to Deck House in 1995.

President from 1993 to 1995, after initially being hired as CFO and Treasurer.
Took on responsibility for all manufacturing activities (manufacturing personnel, purchasing, manufacturing engineering, computer operations).
Managed negotiations with Carpenter’s Union to develop a series of mutually satisfactory contracts.

Assumed sales responsibility during the housing down turn of the early 1990s when morale for the sales force had to be rebuilt.

Led the effort to expand overseas in Japan and Europe. Full house shipments for embassy personnel in Albania necessitated importation of every house piece.

1976-1979   Chief Financial Officer, Daystar, Inc.

Daystar, a division of Exxon, manufactured and sold active solar energy systems through a dealer network.

1973-1976   Assistant Treasurer, Cramer Electronics, Inc.

Cramer was a $100 million distributor of electronic components. Stuntz negotiated a $30 million secured line of credit with Citibank.

1969-1973   Production Manager, Teradyne, Inc.

Teradyne is now a $1.36 billion manufacturer of production line test equipment.

Other Activities

1987-present   Water District Commissioner, Acton, Massachusetts

The Acton water district is responsible for supplying pure water to 6000 homes.

1976-2003   Chairman of Independent Living Groups for MIT

This group is responsible for maintaining direction for fraternities and sororities at MIT, housing a third of the undergraduate students.

1988-1996   Treasurer, Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts

The Concord Museum specializes in early American history and decorative arts.
1995-2000 Incorporator, Emerson Hospital, Acton, Massachusetts