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The Art of Coaching in Business


Business Coaching Helps Individual Executives Improve Their Effectiveness


Business Coaching helps individual executives improve their effectiveness within today's changing business environment. Executives who are actively involved in management, gain skills, consider ideas and receive encouragement to focus on two major goals: solving a variety of business problems and creating positive business opportunities. No one formula fits all situations; however, business coaching can help the managing executive explore a variety of options and pick those best suited to the particular situation and/or company.

Business coaching provides a unique opportunity for the good executive to continue his/her own training to provide even better management leadership. Specialized training for employees is often an important part of expenses designed to keep a company competitive, but equally often, additional training for senior executives is not a priority. Specifically tailored business coaching for senior managers who oversee many aspects of the business should be an important part of honing management skills. Money spent in this area benefits the entire business.


A Business Coach is an experienced businessman who provides prospective and practical advice uniquely tailored to individual executives and their businesses. A Business Coach can do the following:

Business coaching differs both from consulting and from self-improvement help. The Business Coach applies his broad general business knowledge and expertise about complex situations instead of providing individual personal technical expertise. The business coaching process involves interactive dialog between the Business Coach and the executive. The executive puts into practice the decisions reached in these discussions and reviews the results with the Business Coach to gain further insights and improve performance in the next situation.

Business Coaching is designed to be part of the background, not the center of the action. That role will always remain with the senior executive. Instead, the Business Coach provides ideas, positive support, and encouragement and a trusted colleague to enable the executive to do his job more effectively.


In a rapidly evolving business world, the executive faces some major challenges:

Easy solutions are not the answer. Hard work and concentration on the long term issues as well as on the issues at hand will make the difference. The availability of an expert Business Coach whose responsibility is to optimize performance in any situations can make an enormous difference to any business in such a changing environment.

The purpose of a Business Coach is to help the executive make permanent improvements in his/her performance. The Coach is neither a competitor nor an evaluator of the executive's performance. Together the Coach and the executive develop a specifically tailored program to develop the executive's strengths, minimize weakness, and enable positive business performance and competitiveness.