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Acorn Business Coaching's Philosophy

A Coach believes that the executive has the potential and desire to improve his/her performance. By helping this person to learn techniques, they have helped the person to consistently produce a superior performance. Coaching is not fishing for the person but teaching them to fish.

Acorn Business Coaching (ABC) is designed to support the senior executive in improving business performance by bringing experience, focus, and an outsider's perspective to the executive's problems. Our goal is to give your business the competitive edge during this challenging time of change to an information-based business economy.

ABC is based on the belief that successful executives have a fundamental expectation that improvement will come from commitment to these basic principles:

ABC Coaching focuses on the use of continuous minor change, with new ideas and feedback from those ideas, to improve the results of a business. A continuing series of measured, innovative improvements can keep your company ahead of the competition!

ABC understands that determining how to spend executive time is one of the key decisions of any senior executive. The ABC Business Coach can help in several important ways.

We can help executives directly by:woman

ABC can also increase positive executive-employee interactions, which add to understanding of common goals, by helping the executive: